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Ready to have a family trip, or willing to go camping by car?  One of the things that must be considered when traveling or camping is power or electricity. A reliable and lasting power supply can absolutely improve your go-out experience. Portable solar panels are among the best.

What are portable solar panels?

Portable solar panels are small-sized solar panels that are easy to install and that can be carried anywhere. Similar to the solar panels installed on your home roof, they convert sunlight into electricity or heat. But they do not need to be installed or can only be put on the roof. They can just be put on nearby you anywhere. Sometimes, they can be folded to make them smaller and easier to carry. Each panel is divided into smaller cells, where a cell is made up of thin layers of silicon.  By the virtue of being portable, it is used to power devices on the move. For they can provide enough energy to power many devices, portable solar devices are an excellent way to use the sun’s natural energy to meet your mobile power needs during camping, hiking, or long-distance travel.

How do portable solar panels work for your trip?

The photovoltaic cells in a portable solar panel contain various layers of silicon which contains positive and negative layers.

When the rays of the sun hit the panel and light pass through the layers, photons are released which generate an electric field between these layers of silicon in each cell. Metallic strips are attached to the panel to channelize this electric field and send it to the battery or grid on the basis of the system. A charge controller is connected to regulate the power output while a battery and inverter may also be connected to store the generated pow. Also, portable solar panels sometimes have adjustable outriggers, making the panels face the sun at a better angle, and better conversion.

Main Advantages of portable solar panels.

Some common advantages of a solar panel:

1. Generally, solar panels come with a waterproof kit and they are relatively durable. So, they can be used in adverse weather conditions.

2.  Cheap and Clean. The only cost you pay on solar panels is that you buy them. Solar panels are green products as they generate energy without using fossil fuels and other exhaustible sources of energy. Besides, they are zero pollution and do not produce toxic substances and gases. Portable solar panels are much quieter than noisy gas generators and they are environmentally friendly compared to other exhaustible energy sources such as fossil fuels.

3. They provide a consistent and reliable source of energy by harnessing the power of the sun. Where there is sun, there is power.

Some unique advantages of a portable solar panel:

1. They are relatively small and can be moved around to receive more sunlight better. Even if the shadows obscure your camp, you do not need to worry that the sunlight is not enough.

2. No installation is needed. Put the panels under the sunlight, connect with your devices and start charging.

3. Portable solar panels with brackets and adjustable. You can improve this by placing them in direct sunlight with the help of an extension cable. You can also periodically reposition the portable panels to face the sun as it moves across the sky during the day.

What Elements need to care about when choosing portable solar panels?

Here’re some tips for you to reference on how to choose a more suitable portable solar panel.

1. The first thing you should think about is your need for a solar panel.  The one you pick should depend on your requirement. The watt or material is all different,  and you should choose one suit for your using appliance. The Larger power, the heavier the panel.  For a short trip, you would not like to take a 1000W with you; it’s too heavy and unnecessary.

2. The next thing is the material. Better materials mean longer life and higher conversion rates. As you will use them for traveling or camping, that means they must strong and durable enough. Poorer material also means expensive repairs and damages. If you plan to use the panels while traveling, they should be a weather-resistant and water-resistant model, as these will save you a lot of time and money.

3. Price is a factor you won’t forget. Everyone wants to get good value for money. Depending on your need, solar panels can be used in the positions and anywhere you want; they are the best choice for camping or hiking.

4. Conversion rate is also an important factor.  A higher conversion rate means faster charging under the same sunlight conditions. OXTECO SUNPOWER 100W with a high-efficiency solar cell of up to 24%, higher than any other solar panels.

5. Last is the lifespan of a solar panel.

Usually, a solar panel can last over 15-20 years. You can easily prolong the outdoor portable solar panels’ lifespan by changing them. A movable solar panel is recommended. Most portable solar panels for RVs are designed to be used in various situations.


The best portable solar panels for your traveling and camping must be suited for the versatile option of outdoor life. A combination of solar panels and a power station will be a lifesaver for your outdoor camping and car traveling. It can make your travel much more fantastic.


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