Solar Generator


In short, the power station/generator is a large, even huge battery which has a smart chip and BMS (Battery Manage System) with lots of output ports to keep your home appliances/ smart devices still work/charge during a power outage or outdoors.


  • 1. Outdoor Self-driving Tour

The power station/generator can support various devices such as cooker, car refrigerator, electronic grill, coffee machine,etc. solve the problem of power supply of various equipment for self-driving travel questions, make outdoor travel be a worry-free.

  • 2. Outdoor Camping

The power station/generator can supply power for a variety of audio-visual and lighting equipment at the same time, making outdoor camping vivid and lively.

  • 3.Outdoor Working

It can supply power to laptops, cameras, drones and other devices anytime, anywhere, and can work with peace of mind outdoors.

  • 4.Outdoor Construction

Some power station/generator can even power for electric drills, chainsaws, electric picks, grinders, and air compressors. It can also easily meet industrial-grade needs, and be easily operated outdoors.

  • 5. Family Emergency

The power station/generator can power mobile phones, tablets, desktop computers, notebook computers and small appliances at the same time, and easily cope with power outages.

  • 6.Emergency Rescue

The power station/generator can be used as an emergency power supply during a power outage, can supply power to the ventilator in emergency situations, and can also supply power to the car battery to easily cope with various emergency situations.


All OXTECO power station/generators has 3 ways to charge to meet differect useage needs.

  • 1. AC Input.

Standard mains charging. Plug and Play. OXTECO Sirius 1200W and 2500W power station/generator can be fully charged with 2 hours.

  • 2. Car Input

The power station/generator can be charged while driving through the output port of the cigarette lighter in the car. Recharge your battery anytime and anywhere.

  • 3. Solar Input

Solar panels can be used to convert solar energy into electrical energy and store it, which is environmentally-friendly and energy-saving.

OXTECO SUNPOWER 100W and SHINGLE120W can provide a quicker solar charging efficiency.


Multiple output methods, compatible with a variety of devices.

  • 1. AC Output

Standard AC output port, plug and play,

Pure sine wave output, no damage to charging equipments.

  • 2. USB Output

USB/USB-C outputs, charge mobile phones, tablets, notebooks and other electronic devices.

Support fast charging, quickly supply power to the devices.

  • 3. Car Output

With OXTECO car battery supplementary wire,

Recharge your car when it loses power

  • 4. Wireless Charging

OXTECO Sirius power station/generators are equipped with wireless charging board, can charge your smart devices wirelessly (your devices must support wireless charging).


  • 1.”Automotive Grade Batteries”

Large capacity, long service life and high safety

No explosion due to short circuit, overvoltage, high temperature.

  • 2.”Safety without Damaging Equipment”

Pure sine wave output, stable waveform

No damage to charging equipment

  • 3. “2 Hours Fast Charge”

Using high-rate automotive-grade power cells that have passed UL certification and support fast charging.

Combined with the patented V+ fast charging technology, safe and fast charging,

No damage to the battery, the device can be fully charged in less than 2 hours.

  • 4. “Easy to Operate”

220V standard AC, a variety of output interfaces,

It can safely power multiple devices at the same time.

  • 5. Great Services

2 years warranty and life time customer support. Hassle-free purchase.

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