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A USEFUL & THOUGHTFUL FATHER’S DAY GIFT- Sirius2500W Power Station + 4x Sunpower100 Solar Panels

Finding a great gift for your dad on Father’s Day — which is June 19 by the way — is no easy feat. Your dad may talk a big game and say that he doesn’t want anything special for Father’s Day, but you know better.

And, if you want to deliver something unique that won’t just collect dust in a drawer somewhere (been there, done that), OXTECO Sirius2500W Power Station and 4x Sunpower100 Solar Panels combination power generator will be a good choice.

First of all, if your dad is an avid outdoors, like camping, fishing or RV travel, the large capacity power generator is an essential. It can provide enough power to make the light, fans, mini refrigerator work .
It can also provide you with a very powerful power supply and strong safety guarantee if you want to use it as a home backup power. Dad will no longer have to worry about power outages caused by severe weather or unexpected.

Here are some unique advantages for this OXTECO solar generator:

2016wh huge capacity. You may have no idea how huge it is, it can power 110w TV for about 15 hours, or 120w refrigerator for 12 hours.No worry about the emergecy power outages.

2500W (Peak 3000W) AC Output, can charge almost 99% househould applications.

Upgraded LiFePo4 battery can offer upto 2000+ cycle times.

And what’s more, the OXTECO 2500W equiped with OXTECO V+ Charge tech, can be fully chagred within about 1.7 hours (compared with 7-8 hours that similar products on the market take), it is a huge improvement! 1.7 hours charge, over 12 hours usetime!

Other features are that the OXTECO power generator is really portable. Comes with wheels, you can carry it to anywhere.

Safety is also a critical issue. BMS (Battery Manage System) with smart chip offer a comfortable use experience.

Comes with 4 OXTECO Sunpower solar panels, which will only take 6.3 hours to fully charge the Sirius 2500W. No more extra charge!

OXTECO soalr power generator represents long-term care and companionship.Take our Sirius 2500W and start a summer camping journey with your father, illuminating the infinite love for life and power a new world.

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